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Powerfully simple.

Mochi comes with batteries included, loaded with tons of features to make creating and reviewing cards as simple and easy as possible.

spaced repetition Spaced Repetition

Mochi uses a spaced repetition algorithm to maximize retention and minimize study time. Learn more about spaced repetition

Offline first Offline first

Mochi is offline first. That means you can use it without ever signing up. All of your data is stored locally first before it's synced to the cloud.

markdown enabled Markdown Enabled

Quickly jot down notes and cards at the speed of markdown. Formatting controls and shortcuts are also there if you need them. Learn more about markdown.

Link notes and cards together Two-way references

Linking between cards is a powerful way to build a network of related information. When you add a link to another card, that card automatically adds a reference back to the linking card.

Attachments Attachments

You can embed media to your notes or cards like images, audio, and video by dragging them onto the editor.

Tags Tags

Use tags to group related cards and ideas. Then you can filter and search by tags to review only cards with those specific tags.

Drawing Drawing

Add a canvas to your cards to practice writing or drawing your answers.

Diagram cards Diagram cards

Block off parts of an image like a diagram or map to test your visual memory.

Multilingual dictionaries Built-in dictionaries

For language learners, Mochi provides several multilingual dictionaries for looking up the definition of vocab words directly in the app.

Text to speech Text to speech

Automatically convert text to speech using Google's state-of-the-art WaveNet voices.

AI powered flashcard creation AI Completions

Dynamically create flashcard content using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 model.

Translation Auto-translate

Mochi uses state-of-the-art machine translation to automatically provide translations for words and phrases.

Image search Image search

Use the built-in image search to embed an image into your card based on some word or phrase.

Cloud syncing Cloud syncing

With a Pro account you can sync your content and use Mochi accross all of your devices, including mobile.


Mochi provides a robust REST API for interacting with your cards and decks. This allows for powerful integrations and custom workflows. Check out the API docs to get started.

Import decks from Anki Import from Anki

Leverage the thousands of Anki decks already available online, or import your own.

Simple pricing

Get started for free and upgrade when you need to.
You can cancel at any time and continue using Mochi offline.


$0 / month
Get started Get started Get started Get started Get started Get started
  • available Offline local storage
  • available Deck sharing
  • not available Multilingual dictionaries
  • not available In-app translations
  • not available Text to speech
  • not available Image search
  • not available AI Completion
  • not available Cloud data backup
  • not available Sync across devices
  • not available API access
  • not available Email support


$5 / month
Get started Get started
  • available Offline local storage
  • available Deck sharing
  • available Multilingual dictionaries
  • available In-app translations 100,000 characters allotted per month.
  • available Text to speech 200,000 bytes of speech data allotted per month.
  • available Image search 300 requests per month
  • available AI Completion 500,000 tokens allotted per month.
  • available Cloud data backup 50,000 tokens allotted per month.
  • available Sync across devices
  • available API access
  • available Email support

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