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Dynamic fields

Templates are a great way to speed up and automate your card creation workflow. With dynamic fields, you can add even more power and automation to your templates.

Dynamic fields work like normal fields, but instead of displaying the text as-is in the template, they transform it in various ways. For example, the "Translation" dynamic field will translate the input text to whatever language you choose.

If you are using the same text for multiple fields, you can also set a dynamic field to use the input of some other field in the template. That way you don't need to type in the same content more than once.

You can also chain dynamic fields together so that the output of one dynamic field will act as the input of another.

As you can see, dynamic fields add a lot of power and flexibility to your templates. In the future I plan to add even more dynamic field types, plus open them up to extension by users so that you can add your own custom dynamic fields.

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