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Today I'm excited to announce an oft requested feature for Mochi: importing decks from Anki. This is great news for Mochi users because it means you can now take advantage of the huge library of Anki decks available online.

On top of importing pre-made decks, this means you can now utilize tools like subs2srs (which generates Anki decks based on videos/subtitles) with Mochi as well.

Because Anki's data model differs somewhat from Mochi's ,the imported decks are not guaranteed to look exactly as they do in Anki. First of all, Anki uses HTML to style cards, while Mochi uses markdown. When a deck is imported, the HTML is parsed and converted to equivalent markdown. This works best if you are using semantic HTML tags like <h1>, <b>, <code>, etc. in your Anki cards. Custom CSS styles will not be imported at all.

If an imported deck doesn't quite look the way you expected, or you're importing a deck with heavy use of CSS, I would recommend editing the card template in Anki first to strip out / replace the CSS with semantic HTML tags, then export and re-import it into Mochi.

Please note that at this time review history will not be imported. That will likely be added in a future release.

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